Our Craft Beers


Anderson Wheat

Alexander P. Anderson, the son of Swedish immigrants, was born in 1862 and raised on a farm on the outskirts of Red Wing.  He became interested in botany as a young man, and ultimately discovered that shooting heated grains from a gun would cause them to explode into “puffs.”  Anderson sold his idea to the Quaker Oats Company in Chicago and forever revolutionized breakfast cereals with his invention of puffed wheat, rice and corn.  After a successful career as a scientist and educator, he moved back to Red Wing with his wife, Lydia, and their family.  Anderson continued his research at their Tower View Farm estate, which exists today as a center for the arts.  We dedicate this refreshing wheat beer to the life-long work of Professor Anderson – “the man who shot wheat from cannons.”

Brewmaster's Notes: Lighter beer with a crisp wheat finish.

(ABV: 4.4%, Color: 5 SRM, Bitterness: 20 IBU)

Remmler's Royal Brew


Barn Bluff Brown

The earliest travelers along the muddy-brown Mississippi River knew they were approaching Red Wing when they came in sight of the prominent Barn Bluff.  Named “La Grange” (“the barn”) by French explorers and rising almost 400 feet, this natural formation overlooks the city of Red Wing and the Great River as she winds her way between Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Today, travelers to Red Wing can look forward to the promise of a Barn Bluff Brown – an American brown ale with a nutty roasted flavor that pays homage to our most celebrated landmark.

Brewmaster’s Notes: Mild brown ale with a pronounced chocolate malt profile; nutty flavor.

(ABV: 5.0%, Color: 20 SRM, Bitterness: 23 IBU)

Remmler's Royal Brew

Goodhue Farmhouse

As the name suggests, farmhouse ales were typically brewed on farms using what was grown locally.  They were meant to be refreshing and thirst-quenching after a long day of work in the fields.  This began as a European tradition that carried over to pioneer America, and as settlers farmed Goodhue County, they grew crops of barley and wheat.  With respect to this heritage, Goodhue Farmhouse ale incorporates Minnesota malt and Midwestern wheat into its grain bill, and is fermented with an American Farmhouse yeast that results in a lighter and slightly sour beer with notes of clove and banana.

Brewmaster’s Notes: Lighter, crisp wheat-based beer; fermented with an American Farmhouse yeast that produces a slight sourness with notes of clove and banana.

(ABV: 5.0%, Color: 4 SRM, Bitterness: 20 IBU)


Jordan Creek IPA

At the foot of Barn Bluff once stood Chief Red Wing’s village, flanked on the west side by Clear Water Creek – a spring-fed waterway that originated near Sorin’s Bluff and flowed down a steep ravine to the Mississippi River.  The early missionaries named it Jordan Creek, and as the land for the city of Red Wing was being developed, the ravine was filled in and the creek was forced underground.  However, the creek continued to flow and still does to this day under the streets and through the basements of downtown Red Wing until it meets the Mississippi below the waterline at Levee Park.  While the Jordan now mostly remains unseen, we wanted to ensure that it is not forgotten by making it the namesake of our hoppy, yet balanced, India Pale Ale.

Brewmaster’s Notes: Rich, golden color with noticeable hop flavor and aroma.

(ABV: 5.2%, Color: 9 SRM, Bitterness: 43 IBU)

Red Wing Premium Beer


Pepie’s Porter

Red Wing lies at the head of the greatest lake on the Mississippi River – Lake Pepin.  Twenty-five miles long and surrounded by mountainous bluffs, Lake Pepin is a natural and recreational paradise.  But legend says that it is also the home of Pepie, the mysterious creature that lives in the dark depths of the lake.  It is only fitting, then, that Pepie’s Porter be a dark beer with a mysterious complexity in flavor that derives from several varieties of caramelized, flaked, and roasted barley.  While you might not be able to locate the elusive Pepie, you can always depend on finding satisfaction in a Pepie’s Porter.

Brewmaster’s Notes: American porter with coffee-like notes, balanced by a touch of honey malt.

(ABV: 6.0%, Color: 34 SRM, Bitterness: 28 IBU)

Remmler's Royal Brew


Ski Jump Special

In 1886, a small group of Norwegians founded Red Wing’s Aurora Ski Club, and as champion skiers from Norway emigrated to Red Wing, the city soon became known as the birthplace of American Ski Jumping.  In 1928 and again in 1936, Red Wing hosted the National Ski Jumping Championship, where the local club performed a technique of jumping called “Red Wing style” in front of thousands of spectators.  To commemorate these excellent athletes, The Red Wing Brewery is proud to lift a pint of Ski Jump Special as a tribute to their winter heroics.

Brewmaster’s Notes: Ask the Red Wing Brewery staff for details.

Steamboat Scottish

Many steamships made Red Wing a port-of-call as they journeyed along the Mississippi River.  Even today, majestic paddle-wheelers still dock at Levee Park so that their passengers may enjoy the “Desirable City.”  Our Steamboat Scottish beer recognizes the contributions that Scottish-born inventor James Watt made to the steamboat industry, as it was his improvements to the steam engine that were eventually adapted and used for reliable river travel.  Steamboat Scottish is a darker ale with a roasted and slightly smoked malt character – a beer that would be quite satisfying on a Mighty Mississippi excursion.

Brewmaster’s Notes: Roasted, malty flavor that carries through, yet balanced by adequate hops.

(ABV: 6.9%, Color: 17 SRM, Bitterness: 28 IBU)


Stoneware Stout

Collectors know that the handmade stoneware pottery produced in Red Wing for generations is of the highest quality, which is how it has become so well-known across America.  Each salt-glazed and kiln-fired piece had to meet strict standards before it was stamped with the famous Red Wing logo.  Red Wing Brewery produces its beers with that same attention to excellence that can only come from true hand-craftsmanship.  Stoneware Stout brings together roasted barley, chocolate malt and oatmeal, and is finished with the choicest hops for a richly-dark and creamy ale worthy of being marked with our own Red Wing logo.

Brewmaster’s Notes: American oatmeal stout on a nitrogen tap; roast flavors with a velvety mouthfeel.

(ABV: 4.9%, Color: 49 SRM, Bitterness: 29 IBU)

Remmler's Royal Brew


Work Boot Red

Red Wingers know that getting through a hard day’s work demands sturdy footwear and a good beer afterwards.  Over a century ago, the city answered that call by providing comfortable work boots that were as tough as the people that kept Red Wing’s industries moving.  Today, we’re answering that call with our Irish-style red ale: a beer that’s reddish-brown in color, smooth in texture, and always quality-made – just like those old boots.

Brewmaster’s Notes: Brewed in the style of an Irish Red with balanced malt and hops.

(ABV: 5.2%, Color: 14 SRM, Bitterness: 23 IBU)

Remmler's Royal Brew